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Month: June 2020

A Pledge to Address Systemic and Institutional Racism

Drexel University stands with a nation rising in anger at the senseless deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor, and too many other Black individuals. The protests and demonstrations in Philadelphia and nationwide speak to the anger, pain, frustration, and fear felt in the Black community and increasingly understood by Americans of all races. I share in the calls for action: for a serious dialogue about systemic racism, a full accounting of the way institutional racism has affected all aspects of our society, and a clear action agenda that begins to change both policy and practice across this country. 

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Readying Drexel’s Return to Campus for September

As we continue to confront the challenges of a global pandemic and act with renewed urgency to redress racial inequalities at our University and in the wider society, this extraordinary moment calls for creative and innovative approaches to academic and student life in an environment that fosters a safe and healthy community, founded upon mutual understanding and an appreciation of the uniqueness of each and every individual.

Our plan to return to campus on September 21 to start our new academic year embodies this approach.

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