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Wawa Comes to Drexel

It was big news when Shake Shack opened on the Drexel campus in 2013. But we may have outdone ourselves with today’s opening of the largest Wawa in Philadelphia. This is a wonderful addition to our campus.

Amazing Restoration at Drexel’s Academy of Natural Sciences

The restoration of the beloved dioramas at Drexel’s Academy of Natural Sciences is a must see. Congrats and thank you to Jennifer Sontchi, the Academy’s senior director of exhibits and public spaces, and everyone else who worked so hard on this venerable exhibit, which is part of the fabric for so many in Philadelphia.

Making a difference

Drexel has many students destined to make a difference in the world. Gabby Frost, a junior music industry major, is already making an impact by promoting mental health awareness and suicide prevention through the nonprofit she founded called the Buddy Project. This is important work surrounding a difficult issue confronting many students and adults. We at Drexel are proud of Gabby’s work.

The 9/11 Anniversary and the Power of Memory

For the generation of Americans who lived through World War II, each anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor brought back vivid and, no doubt, raw memories. But it was through their observance of the day that succeeding generations have understood its significance. As we note another year’s passing since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, it is worth reflecting upon how future generations will come to appreciate an event that most Americans living today witnessed — one that demanded so much bravery, resilience and healing. Continue reading

Drexel Moves Up In Rankings

Drexel University jumped 10 places to 74th on the list of 968 colleges and universities in The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education rankings. Even better, when you take out public universities and private liberal arts colleges, our ranking among private universities was 36th.

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Doing Good, Feeling Good

Next week, it will be my honor to welcome Vanguard employees to the Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships, where they will be deployed for the firm’s annual volunteer event. We’re so pleased to have their help for the day, and it only strengthens our ties to Vanguard — whose mid-career employees already participate in our customized MBA program at the Bennett S. LeBow College of Business.

I’ll be talking about the importance of that partnership, and others, in my greeting to the Vanguard volunteers. And I also plan to remind them about the unique benefits of volunteering — like the fact that it’s good for you.

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Dragons (Drexel alums) and Dinosaurs

One of the best events we hold at Drexel isn’t usually on campus: our Drexel InSites evenings in which we invite alumni and others to learn about the work and the ever-evolving mission of their alma mater.  We move them around, anywhere from New York to San Francisco. Tomorrow, Wed., Aug. 22, is another of these special sessions, and it happens to be close to home. We’re gathering at 6 p.m. at the Academy of Natural Science of Drexel University, and we’ll hear from our new president and CEO Scott Cooper. He has a world of experience from work in museums … all over the world.


Online Learning in Our Future

At our fifth annual assessment conference in September, it will be my honor to moderate a discussion with several of my colleagues from area colleges and universities. One topic certain to arise: the role of distance learning in higher education as the number of traditional students (graduating high school seniors) ebbs and flows. Here’s a look at how Drexel is guiding its efforts in this area, and I look forward to hearing other perspectives.

Focus on the Achievements and Potential of Women in Medicine

The insights from research coming out of our College of Medicine, as well as Harvard, bolster the need to focus on the achievements and the potential of women in medicine – something we’ve been doing for more than two decades through our Executive Leadership in Medicine.

What’s Your Civic Pathway?

Talking about my dream for Drexel to become the most civically engaged university in the nation before a campus/community seminar recently: Fascinating to hear the perspective of our Mandela Fellows on this pivotal issue.

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