There is a bipartisan effort in Washington, D.C. to require colleges and universities to disclose comprehensive data about students’ earnings once they graduate. This is a worthy idea, given the sizeable investment students and/or parents make when it comes to higher education.

A bipartisan coalition of Senate and House members has introduced multiple bills to make the data available. But some oppose the release of such data, citing privacy and security concerns as The New York Times details.

Here at Drexel, much of the data is already available. A survey of the 2015 class showed 94 percent were working or enrolled in graduate or professional education. Of those working full-time, 92 percent were satisfied with their positions.

The average annual salary of a Drexel graduate one year after graduation is $56,051, which is 11.6 percent above the national average. The success of Drexel graduates is due in large measure to our Co-op program, which provides students up to 18 months of work experience before they graduate.

The Drexel Co-op allows students to “test drive” potential careers in their field of study. It also provides students with work experience and a professional network when it comes to looking for a job. Indeed, of the students from the 2015 class that were working one year after graduating, 48 percent had received a job offer from a co-op employer.